MGN Online is America’s premier resource for Still and Animated News Graphics, with a wide-ranging client roster of over 750 Affiliates. Since 1982, our Affiliates have extended across Television, Newspaper, Web, Mobile and Multi-Media Platforms. MGN Online provides full service solutions for Still and Animated News Graphics including Slideshows, 3D Photos and BuildMyOwn (BMO) Graphics and Maps.

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Gill DavisCEO/President - As founder of MGN Online, Gill oversees the day-to-day operations. Beginning in 1982, Gill recognized the need for quality News Graphics for Television News. Since that time there has been a non-stop evolution in the technology used to Create, Store, and Distribute News Graphics. With Gill’s direction, MGN Online continues to be the Leaders and Innovators in Graphic Journalism.

Rick IretonVice President of Graphics Services- Rick joined MGN Online in 1995 and has been the force behind sales & service ever since. His attention to customer needs has helped develop MGN’s host of Graphical services. Rick heads the Broadcast division of MGN Online.

Darcie LarkinOffice/ Accounting Manager – Darcie has been with MGN from its inception. Through all the years of change, she has been involved with all the day-to-day decisions and operational adjustments made at MGN. Her duties also include all accounting functions. Her attention to detail reflects our service, one of MGN’s most positive attributes.

Colton Duffy – Administrative / Sales Assistant: Colton’s role involves assisting the sales department with creating proposals, reports, managing the MGN database, researching station information, usage and helping to meet our customers every need.

Chris O'SullivanCreative Services Director – Chris has worked at MGN for over a decade. His excellent leadership skills in the creation of News Graphics and managing a team of talented graphic journalists are essential. His daily goal for excellence is one of MGN's service standards and requirements.

Ed Clemente – License Compliance Manager – Photo Hub Chief –  Ed manages MGN's license compliance office and liaises with photo providers to ensure a constant stream of News Photos with secure licenses.

Matthew Hennessey – UX Designer - Matt maintains our MGN Online website including our mobile platform. 


A picture is worth a thousand words... and finding the right images for your News can be a time consuming and difficult proposition. At MGN Online, we take the time to find, produce, store, and deliver News Graphics on a daily basis. There are some very practical reasons to use a News Graphic Service:

  1. Valuable production time spent building News Graphics does not generate revenue for your company.
  2. Locating, producing and archiving images each day is a time consuming effort.
  3. Many images produced and archived will never be used again.
  4. Images obtained from Google and other sites can lead to Copyright infringement.
  5. Keeping up with logo changes from Sports Teams and Corporate Logos is an ongoing process.
  6. News Graphic production requires specialty software that is constantly changing and costly.
  7. Finding, creating and managing an image database is a full-time business unto itself.


  1. MGN is easy to use. Images are easy to find via “keyword” search.
  2. Images download in a variety of high quality sizes and formats including JPEG, PNG, MP4 and QuickTime.
  3. MGN Online is the most cost effective resource for quality News Graphics and Photos in the News Media Industry.
  4. Affiliates pay a low, flat monthly rate for unlimited downloads of Still or Animated Graphics.
  5. Affiliates get unlimited “Image Request” of Still or Animated Graphics at no extra charge.
  6. MGN artists are masters of efficiency and quick turnaround times. News Graphic production is a specialty art unto itself.
  7. Once produced, images are auto sized HD, SD, and made Web Ready for your access via "keyword" search.
  8. Clients save valuable production time by using pre-built News Graphics, Elements and Photos.
  9. MGN Online images are Copyright cleared for News Broadcast, Print and Internet use. MGN provides “Hold Harmless” insurance from any Copyright usage claims.
  10. Quality visual aids are essential for a professional looking News presence.
  11. MGN Online has over 250,000 high quality News Images available at your fingertips 24/7.
  12. Free up in-house talent to work on Income producing work for your company. Utilize our Unlimited Image Request service and receive custom built graphics from the MGN Art Department.


“Site is great! Quality of animations is so much better and the 3d photos are very cool. Great job improving the site over all!”
Darren Keenan
Design Director
WGCL-TV Atlanta, GA

“If there is one thing I have learned . . . it’s the importance of quality content and the relationships you build with those providers. Our relationship with MGN Online has been built over many years, through many experiences and is based on premium product and excellent service. The product and service that MGN has provided KWWL-TV is unparalleled.”
Kim Leer
Operations/Programming/Creative Services Director
KWWL Television

“WAFF-TV has been using MGN Online Graphic service since 1984. Through all of the industry changes, MGN has continued to provide us with an exceptional selection of quality News Graphics.”
Bud Gambrell Production Manager WAFF-TV

“We love the Graphic Design approach of MGN. Today’s Top Story can become tomorrow Hyper Local News. Each Graphic has layered components, for multi-purposed use that provides tremendous flexibility.”
John L. Moore, Editor
Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal

“One of the most valuable resources we’ve experienced is MGN’s Image Request feature. We provide a few specific details and receive back a professional Custom Graphic within 24hours; they’re extension to our Art Department!”
Alan Wooten
Editor, Ashe Mountain Times

“Who would have ever thought radio would be enhanced by visual aids? MGN Online has been great for our websites!”
Jay Andrews
VP/GM New Media, Jacobs Media/,


The images provided herein are for the exclusive use of Multimedia Graphic Network and their affiliated News Partners. Clients are licensed to use these images within their given market. All materials are copyrighted and protected by the laws of the United States of America. Images containing the copyrighted material of third parties are for News & Editorial use only and are presented with the permission of those parties, or rights provided under the “Fair Use” Copyright law for News reporting. Clients providing Co-op images to MGN Online must ensure such images are Copyright free. Co-op images submitted to MGN for TV use are not to be used by other TV stations within the same broadcast market. Any use of images without the express written consent of MGN, their affiliated partners or the copyright holders is a violation of US copyright law. MGN is committed to its Affiliates and agrees to indemnify and hold them harmless for any infringing material contained on this Website which results in a damage claim or damages to an Affiliate.


MGN is pleased to offer a variety of service options to best meet your needs. Affiliates may select MGN services a la carte or as a “Full” service package. Rates are based on market size, circulation and market use. Please contact for a quote for your market.